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Other Publications/
Conference Presentations


Brady United (September 16, 2021). “The Truth About Suicide and Guns.” Brady United Against Gun Violence.

- I worked to update this report as a Brady Center Intern

Research Conference Presentations

Kappelman, J. (January 2022). Fear, Racism, and [In]Security: Investigating the Effects of Political Events and Behaviors Contributing to Surging Firearms Sales in 2020. 2022 Southern Political Science Association Conference. San Antonio, TX.

Kappelman, J. and Fording, R.. (March 2021). COVID-19 and Sky-Rocketing Gun Sales. 2021 Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity (URCA) Conference at the University of Alabama. First place award for social science research.

Perez, R.M., Phillips, J.W., Rapadas, A.B., & Kappelman, J.A. (January 2021). Innovating student health and wellbeing: University of Alabama Advisory Council on Wellness. 2021 NASPA Region III Alabama conference.


Kappelman, J. and Fording, R. (November 2020). The Effect of State Gun Laws on Youth Suicide by Firearm: 1981-2017. 2020 Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM).

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